Friday, February 25, 2011

New online design, travel and food magazine Dabble launching

On Monday, a new online magazine called Dabble,focussing on interior design, travel and food, is to launch. 
Editor-in-chief is Kimberley Seldon who is also the design editor for Chatelaine magazine. 
According to a story in the Calgary Herald, the nature of online publishing means the magazine has plenty of room to cover everything lavishly. Dabble can run 10 full-sized home, interior, food or travel photos and the interactivity means readers can simply link to design stores, or a tourism board's website.
Dabble's target demographic is women and men between the ages of 28 and 58, but because of its international content, they could be European or American as easily as Canadian.
"Dabble's about being playful and having fun. We take the content super serious, but bring it across in a way that I think is really fun and approachable," says Seldon.
Advertising for the publication is being handled by BBS Media of Toronto.
Seldon, in addition to her magazine work, is the host of HGTV's Design for Living with Kimberley Seldon and guest design expert on CITY-TV's CityLine.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Kimberley Seldon is the new design editor of Chatelaine what happened to Virginie Martocq?

11:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Virginie here. I'm still the home editor at Chatelaine. Kimberley is the contributing design editor, and we're so glad she's joined the team!

9:18 pm  

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