Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Derek Webster leaving as Reader's Digest M.E. to do some writing

Derek Webster, the managing editor of Reader's Digest in Montreal, is leaving the publication as of October 20 in order to write full-time. This, according to a brief announcement signed by editor-in-chief Robert Goyette and president Tony Cioffi:
We regret to announce that Managing Editor Derek Webster has decided to leave Reader’s Digest to devote himself to writing full-time. Derek came to Reader’s Digest over two years ago from Maisonneuve, an award-winning small arts and culture magazine he had founded in Montreal. He helped restructure the English editorial department and introduce new, more current features in the magazine to appeal to new audiences. In the next few months, Derek will help in the transition as we find a replacement. We wish Derek good luck in his new endeavours.
Webster founded and was the publisher of Maisonneuve 9 years ago. He later gave up publisher's duties at "Maisy"to be editor full-time and in 2009 surprised a lot of people by his decision to make the leap from a small, indy cultural magazine to Canada's largest circulation magazine.



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I find it interesting that not one comment has been made (until now) on this "announcement". I think it speaks to both how utterly insignificant Webster's "contribution" was to Reader's Digest, and, thanks in large part to hires such as Webster, how insignificant the magazine itself has become to Canadians.
Sad, but Darwinian.

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