Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PMB fall data shows steady state for magazine readership

The fall issue of the biannual Print Measurement Bureau (PMB) data shows topline readership for Canadian magazines that is pretty much steady state.
The top 10 English and French magazines in terms of total readership are:
English ('000s)
Reader's Digest     5,610
Canadian Living     3,806
People     3,476
Chatelaine     3,291
what's cooking     3,245
Canadian Geographic     3,235
Maclean's     2,437
Canadian House & Home     2,350
CAA Magazine     2,233
Canadian Gardening     2,148

French ('000s)
qu'est-ce qui mijote     1,185
Touring (Fre & Eng)     1,079
Coup de pouce     1,073
Châtelaine (Fr)        986
L'actualité        907
7 Jours        889
Sélection du Reader's Digest        850
ELLE QUÉBEC        783
Clin d'oeil       740
Les Idées de ma maison        681

The top 10 English and French in terms of readers-per-copy are:

English RPC
Canadian Health 26.3
People 21.3
Outdoor Canada 19.9
The Hockey News Magazine 18.7
Canadian Gardening 16.2
Canadian Geographic 15.8
FASHION Magazine 12.0
Cottage Life 11.3
Canadian Business 11.1

Dernière Heure 16.9
Le Lundi 13.0
Rénovation Bricolage 12.7
Star Système 11.8
7 Jours 10.5
Les Idées de ma maison 10.2
Star Inc. 10.2
Clin d'oeil 10.1
Tout Simplement Clodine 9.2
The entire topline dataset can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

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Anonymous D.Harkley said...

Having been in the magazine biz for many years I must express extreme disbelieve at mags who boast 10+ readers per issue. Are all the copies in doctors offices? I think PMB needs to define 'reading'; if I wander by a newsstand and recognize the cover yet never open the mag or get closer than 3' - should I be counted as a reader?


2:22 pm  

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