Friday, October 28, 2011

Holmes magazine suspending publication in dispute between Holmes and Dauphin Media

[This post has been updated] A dispute between the Holmes Group and Dauphin Media Group, Holmes magazine (named after the popular TV contractor) has resulted in suspension of the magazine effective with its December issue. According to a Holmes group release, it was Dauphin's choice to cease in December and it seems that a new publisher is being sought. (It's not known whether the relationship with Dauphin was a partnership or a contract publishing arrangement.)
"We have requested [Dauphin Media Group] to continue publication of Holmes Magazine until May 30, 2012, in order for us to make a smooth transition to a new publisher," says Liza Drozdov, director of communications for The Holmes Group, "but, in light of a dispute between The Holmes Group and Dauphin Media Group, they have declined."
A website is being set up to keep subscribers and fans up-to-date with the status of Holmes magazine at The Holmes Group is committed to making it right for its valued subscribers, advertisers, corporate partners and fans during this transition. It is still unclear exactly how subscriptions how will be affected, but The Holmes Group will make every effort to honour the magazine's subscriptions and manage the change to a new publisher as seamlessly as possible for everyone affected by this change.
Holmes magazine was launched in November 2009, fronted by the muscular TV contractor and published by HMG in collaboration with Dauphin, which also publishes Canadian Architecture and Design. A one-year subscription cost $23.50 It was distributed in both Canada and the U.S. where it was seen on HGTV. The emphasis on the U.S. market was signalled by the opening of a New York office by Dauphin in January of this year. Dauphin also announced that it was going to launch a men's magazine called The Male Perspective.
[Update: According to a post by Masthead, the Dauphin Media Group says in a release that the Holmes Group always intended to transition the magazine to their control. Also, DMG says it plans to launch a celebrity-based shelter title sometime in the new year.]



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A celeb-based shelter book in Canada - with Canadian celebs?? Hahahahaha.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"That was always our plan"... really? You're sure that you didn't just out jerk each other?

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