Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Magazines Canada to develop research program for the industry

Magazines Canada intends to develop a research centre for Canada's magazine media, to better meet industry's data needs and explore original research. It is one of the priorities for the next three years in a framework approved by the organization's board on November 28, following an 8-month review. The strategic plan covers the years 2012-2015.
Some of the framework is necessitated because of changing circumstances in the industry (for instance, the need for more affordable, accessible training); some because money is tight. Part of the plan is a reiteration of existing activities in circulation services, advocacy, professional development and communications. Reflecting the increasing importance of digital media, the adopted mission of the organization says, in part:
"Magazines Canada works to foster an environment where new magazines are nurtured, established magazines are supported and skills are developed. Its originating and continuing purpose is to promote the value of the sector wherever, whenever and however Canadian content is consumed." [emphasis added]

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