Thursday, December 15, 2011

MagNet magazine conference gets a new look

MagNet, the annual industry conference has been given a new look. A release from Magazines Canada says that the new logo, designed by K9 Design, is "bold, cool and vibrant". The 6th annual conference will be held June 5 to 8, 2012 in Toronto. It's a collaborative effort by Magazines Canada, Circulation Management Association of Canada and the Professional Writers Association of Canada.
The logo reflects the future-focused evolution of Canada's magazines. With its spinning circular motif, the image suggests the change that is a part of growth, while the strong vibrant colour accents embody the excitement MagNet generates annually among delegates and in the industry in general.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another make work project for Magazine Canada that wastes the taxpayers money. No offense to K9 who does great work. The event is a non-event for me.

We need new blood at Magazines Canada it is stale, complacent and lacks the proper leadership for the digital world. Not a bunch of recycled political cronies form the dark ages of publishing. I have never seen a non-profit Association that has a CEO, President,Executive director and General Manager. It is so top heavy it should be downsized to just an Executive director. They should be audited.

5:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, well said. An organizational of deep bureaucracy with little to show for itself. My guess is that others have also realized this...

6:38 pm  
Anonymous Patrick Walsh said...

I would counter that the magazine industry would be in quite the pickle were it not for Magazines Canada's tireless behind-the-scenes advocacy and lobbying efforts (by both staff and the many volunteers). "Lacks proper leadership for the digital world"? "Recycled political cronies from the dark ages of publishing"? That's not the Magazines Canada I know and volunteer for.

10:20 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This logo looks remarkably similar to the Mesh Media logo.

Perhaps nobody from within Magazines Canada attends conferences relating to digital...I wonder if K9 Design was there.

2:55 pm  
Anonymous Eric McBain said...

As the designer who was behind this logo I can assure you that the similarities between this identity and the Mesh Conference are entirely coincidental.

My concept was born from a retelling of last years campaign for MagNet which featured a swirl of light. I kept the swirl concept going but decided to add the "chaos" to it to reflect the feeling and energy of the industry.

This logo was also developed in late October of last year, not sure when Mesh Media released their logo...

4:08 pm  

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