Friday, December 09, 2011

Students pay their own way for northern package in current Ryerson Review

The just-released winter issue of the Ryerson Review of Journalism, produced and written by students of the magazine publishing program is remarkable for several things:
  • The cover package is made up of four excellent articles about issues in Canada's north, a venture that was financed with about $10,000 of the students' own money. (If you don't believe it, on the inside back of the issue, they provide a detailed accounting of what they spent.)
  • The issue contains an excellent article about Heather Robertson by Regan Reid that tells the story about Robertson's pivotal role in the successful class action on behalf of freelancers and against Canada's largest publishers, but also tells the almost-more-interesting story of Robertson's amazing career as a muckraking reporter and author. 
  • A takeout on Sun News reports on  how provocation and subjectivity is growing an audience to the discomfort of the chattering classes.
There are teasers online about all the contents. But you'll have to buy the issue (or, better, be a subscriber) to support this important source of hard-to-find information about Canadian journalism. 
[Disclosure: I am the coordinator of the separate Magazine and Website Publishing program in Ryerson's Chang School for Continuing Education.]



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