Saturday, January 07, 2012

Magazine startup aims to capture interest of technology startups

A new magazine for technology startups has itself been started up in Waterloo Region. Pivotr is based in Kitchener and is the brainchild of four young entrepreneurs who are exactly congruent with the kind of audience they're seeking. According to a story in the Waterloo Region Record, the print run for the first issue was small -- 2,000 -- and the ads in the first issue were given away, but the team hopes to see the magazine grow and publish monthly by year's end.
Robert Bruski, Marius Piatek, Michael Grabowski and Patryk Laskowski came up with the idea over coffee, apparently sparked by the number of startups in the region, now 800 and growing at three to five a week.
While all the articles in the first issue were written by the four friends, in the second issue now in production all but one of the articles is written by people working in the startup sector.
The name of the magazine is based on "pivoting" -- quickly changing the way you think and do things -- and while the magazine has a website, it is the printed version that is generating buzz, said the article.
“We believe there is a huge benefit to having a printed version,” Laskowski said. “We have lots of positive feedback about the printed version.”



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