Friday, February 10, 2012

New magazine says it will be all about happiness

One of the drawbacks of living outside the GTA is that sometimes the controlled circulation magazines that fall out of the Globe and Mail from time to time don't quite reach the 519. Hence, I have not seen a physical copy of the magazine What Makes You Happy, distributed today (Feb 10). If you are like me in this, you can read a digital edition.
Johnny Lucas, the editor, says in a release that -- not surprisingly, given the title -- the magazine is about all things happy.
“We conducted in-depth research on the concept for this magazine and every person – without exception – was energized to talk about happiness and eager to hear what makes others happy – so that’s what we’re about!” said Johnny Lucas, the magazine’s editor. “No one didn’t get it. Everyone was interested in reading about positive things and happiness. Advertisers in particular were clear and enthusiastic about wanting to be associated with positive messages.”
The first 68-page issue has the result of an international happiness poll conducted by the research firm Ipsos, which began tracking people's happiness in 2007. (In the survey, 27% of Canadians described themselves as "very happy".) The cover story is about Newfoundland comedian Rick Mercer, crowing that he has the best job in the country.
The magazine, published by Everybody Eats Corporation, is scheduled to be published six times a year and will, in addition to newspaper controlled distribution, be available by subscription. The next issue is due out in mid-June. The circulation for the first issue was 54,000 copies, but Lucas told Mastheadonline that forthcoming editions will have a national reach of 150,000, although not on newsstands.



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" 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' was a number one jam/Damn, if I say it, you can slap me right here"

-- Public Enemy

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