Thursday, March 08, 2012

Julie Osborne named to manage postal affairs and special projects at Rogers Publishing

Julie Osborne, the senior director, business planning and integration, consumer publishing at Rogers Publishing Limited, has been promoted to be vice-president of business development. Reporting directly to Ken Whyte, the president, Osborne will be taking responsibilities for all contracts, partnerships and arrangements with federal and provincial departments and agencies, such as Canada Post. Essentially, she is taking over many of the responsibilities of Michael Fox, recently retired from the company. An appointment notice said
She will oversee our magazine distribution business activities and will manage the significant costs related to those activities. This includes managing postal, ground and air delivery. Julie will also continue to manage special projects on our behalf, not only within Publishing, but also as we work with other Rogers Media divisions to fulfill our vision of being one integrated company.
Osborne also served as publisher of Maclean's, Canadian Business, PROFIT and MoneySense.



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