Monday, March 12, 2012

Saltscapes magazine going down the road to host East Coast consumer expo in Toronto

Expanding the magazine brand into a consumer show is a trend that many mid- and large-sized publishers have been following increasingly. And Saltscapes has been one of them, launching and running a successful annual Saltscapes Expo, now in its 8th year of celebrating all things Atlantic Canadian. (This year's event in Halifax  is April 27 - 29.)
Now it is going down the road, so to speak, or rather taking its show on the road, to hosting Saltscapes Toronto, its first East Coast Expo in Toronto at the Toronto Waterfront Redpath Festival from June 21 to 28 at HTO Park. It's promoting downeast seafood, hospitality, music and vacation opportunities, in partnership with Nova Scotia's department of economic and rural development and tourism, Taste of Nova Scotia and the province of New Brunswick.
According to co-publishers Jim and Linda Gourlay, they expect to see their share of the 750,000 people expected to be on the Toronto waterfront that weekend.
"We have discovered (and it makes perfect sense) that while we are engaged in our core business, we have the happy collateral effect of providing the most credible and effective tourism brochure ever assembled for this region," they said it their letter in the front of the March-April issue.
Exhibitors selling products onsite will be charged $1,500 for a booth, otherwise it is $1,000. An information kit and contract is provided online.

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