Thursday, May 17, 2012

New ad promotes magazines by turning its
back to the TV

Magazines Canada has released a new promotional ad to its members for publication in their magazines. It's called Magazines Engage and shows a living room couch turned towards a rack of magazines and with its back to the big-screen TV, to show where consumer engagement is really strongest. 
Advertising creative was developed by doug & serge, responsible for other ads in an ongoing association campaign.

The ad is intended to appeal to advertisers and promote the special relationship readers have with their magazines, selecting them based on their interests and passions. 
The ad first ran in the Magazines Canada quarterly Canadian Magazines Canadiens and member magazines can download it.



Anonymous Greg MacNeil said...

Trying to promote magazines by taking a shot at television is rather archaic and naive. Focusing on your medium's strenths is more effective not to mention more polite.

How can the ad appeal to advertisers when the majority spend most of their budgets on television? Most know that they need more than one medium to optimize reach, frequency and effectiveness.

For many advertisers, magazines and t.v. complement one another nicely.

As advertisers won't be turning their backs to t.v. anytime soon, perhaps turning the couch around with someone enjoying a magazine and leaving the t.v. off would convey the message more subtlely.

Greg MacNeil

1:14 pm  
Anonymous Avra Goldenblatt said...

Trying to give new life to magazines by dissing television is an "old timers" move. Perhaps magazines should be thinking about themselves in comparison to the millions of online blogs, magazines, and social media sites that take a bite out of their pockets. It's a digital world out there people. TV is not the enemy.

5:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee, thanks for the heads up, Avra. We had no idea. Duh. But to your point, where's the money in digital then? We're all online, many of us with unique, energetic offerings, but is anyone making an serious coin in this country? Nope. So tell us, Avra, how should we be "thinking" about ourselves?

2:39 pm  
Anonymous Avra Goldenblatt said...

Hi Anonymous. It's easy to be rude when your "anonymous. You are right...there is no money in the current business model of digital content. Magazine's have been pushed to the side by many of the major publishers. Seasoned personnel "gotten rid of" like stale meat in exchange for young digital soothsayers who have no idea about what the specific media brand represent. I think that magazines need to not hide from the digital world no didss the television world and certainly not hide from the changes in media. But continue to build multi platform campains that weave in television, digital and all forms of new media. Work together people!

4:33 pm  

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