Monday, June 11, 2012

Adbusters, which helped start it, now says Occupy movement is "burned out"

The latest pronouncement from Adbusters magazine may be hard to swallow for supporters of the Occupy movement; the magazine is now saying that Occupy has stalled and needs to be replaced by something called "flash encampments". Having basked in the glory of initiating the movement, Adbusters' blog post seems to be playing right into the hands of its opponents, and letting Occupy supporters down with a thud. 
"Burned out, out of money, out of ideas… seduced by salaries, comfy offices, book deals, old lefty cash and minor celebrity status, some of the most prominent early heroes of our leaderless uprising are losing the edge that catalyzed last year’s one thousand encampments. Bit by bit, Occupy’s first generation is succumbing to an insidious institutionalization and ossification that could be fatal to our young spiritual insurrection unless we leap over it right now. Putting our movement back on track will take nothing short of a revolution within Occupy."
To be fair, here's the alternative the editorial proposes:
"In its own sweet way, our movement is now moving beyond the Zuccotti model and developing a tactical imperative of its own: Small groups of fired up second generation occupiers acting independently, swiftly and tenaciously pulling off myriad visceral local actions, disrupting capitalist business-as-usual across the globe."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, ossified in a matter of months. How long to become fossilized? The world is moving too fast...

4:09 pm  

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