Monday, July 16, 2012

Weddingbells magazine does a front-to-back, lighter, airier redesign

Weddingbells magazine, with its Fall & Winter 2012 issue on the newsstands today, has a new, lighter, brighter look, the result of a front-to-back redesign. 
The cover reflects the redesign with a soft colour scheme and light, airy feel to better highlight the image. The issue features Lisa Ray, a Top Chef Canada host, on love, marriage and her upcoming destination wedding; Real Weddings – inspirational celebrations from couples across Canada; From peplum to colour: the hottest new trends for bridal gowns; and Cakes and flowers in an all white colour palette
Weddingbells is published twice a year by St. Joseph Media and recently launched its first-ever special interest publication called Weddings, which is clearly intended to become an annual. 

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Anonymous fak chek said...

Lisa ray is a Canadian actress of Indian extraction — the cover you’re showing isn't her. And calling that cover a ‘redesign' is an overstatement.

7:59 am  
Blogger D. B. Scott said...

I'm well aware the cover model isn't Lisa Ray, but then the posting didn't say it was. The issue contains a feature about Lisa Ray. The publisher describes this as a redesign.

9:12 am  
Anonymous fak chek said...


6:13 pm  

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