Thursday, August 16, 2012

Little Brother, a new Toronto literary,
being launched

A launch was scheduled for tonight in Toronto of a brand new literary magazine called Little Brother. According to a story in Quill & Quire
The quarterly of essays and short stories will take a wider-than-usual approach to Canadian literary culture and criticism. “The idea of Little Brother is to embrace that we can be smaller and we can be unique,” [Emily M.]Keeler [the founder and editor] says. “Essays … don’t have to be timely, you can talk about anything as long as it’s meaningful to you, and you can say it in a compelling way.”
Keeler funded the first issue herself, and is optimistic that by keeping costs down, she can make enough money from subscriptions, and select newsstand and online sales to keep rolling her investment back into the magazine, which retails for $12. “We haven’t even launched yet, and so far we’ve almost broken even on pre-orders and subscriptions alone,” she says.
One unusual aspect of the magazine is that it is produced, by "risograph" technology (which, frankly, we'd never heard of), essentially high speed photocopying. It also has a Tumblr site.
Keeler says 
“One of the reasons I wanted to start this magazine was because a lot of the Canadian literary publications are either more established, more serious, and tied to universities, or they seem to have a rotating roster of contributors,” she says. “It doesn’t seem as if there’s a great deal of brand new [writers].”



Blogger Joyce Byrne said...

I am surprised that Quill and Quire would report that Little Brother is "almost broken even" without reporting whether LB is paying contributors (even a modest token).

4:44 pm  
Anonymous SW said...

For the record, the Quill story mentions that LB is soliciting "voluntary work" from contributors.

2:37 pm  

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