Thursday, September 27, 2012

Health agency and Glacier Media launch quarterly magazine on Vancouver Island

Glacier Media has created a new magazine on behalf of the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA). A Healthier You is a quarterly and the first issue will be inserted in the Nanaimo Daily News and distributed in public places across Vancouver Island. It's not the first such venture: Glacier did a similar pub with the Northern Health Authority. In both cases, the idea is to give information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how to access health and community services. Tom O'Keefe, the vice president and chief communications officer of VIHA said
"We're a huge organization that employs.18,000 people and serves 765,000 people on the Island so we decided that we need to develop ways for the public to have easier access to health information that's important to them.We want to make the information easily available and easy to understand for all Island residents."


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