Thursday, September 27, 2012

Top U.S. magazine editors workloads increasing

Though there are some significant differences in scale and other things between the Canadian and U.S. magazine business, it is nevertheless interesting to read the annual Folio: magazine editorial salary survey*. This years shows only little compensation variances but some telling items in terms of duties of top editors and their discontents.
For instance, 86 per cent of respondents said that they're working more in the online content area; workload overall for editorial has increased, probably the result of shrinking staffs combined with expanded duties such as launching new products. 72 per cent have taken on additional responsibilities, yet only 6 per cent feel they were compensated "very well" for the additional work.
Here are a few examples of data about salaries for editorial directors and editors-in-chief.

Here are the changes in mean base salary between last year and this. 

*The survey was done by mail, with a sample of 2,000 and received 513 usable responses (26%); the margin of error was calculated at +/- 4.2% at the 95% confidence level. 


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