Monday, October 01, 2012

Celebrity chef Bourdain slams Maclean's top 50 restaurant list

"Omitting Joe Beef AND Au Pied de Cochon from any list of top 50 Canadian (or even a top ten list) is like writing a history of British rock and roll and willfully neglecting to mention either Beatles or Stones.

"It speaks of a personal agenda so deranged or corrupted as to throw the entire enterprise into disrepute. Both restaurants are in fact, Canada’s best and most Influential cultural ambassadors. I can’t imagine what kind of spongiform bacteria might have caused [Maclean's food writer] Mr. [Jacob] Richler to neglect one or the other."
-- Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain in an e-mail posted on Saturday (quoted by the Ottawa Citizen)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Rogers. Their corporate mentality dictates their style (or lack thereof).

1:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you really believe that? It's not like they chose a Kraft or P and G owned restaurant instead. My goodness, its a restaurant review. I think they are often kinda subjective? Just because your two faves aren't included, doesn't make the list "wrong".

4:34 pm  
Anonymous Martin M said...

@Anon2. (Foodie Hat on) I don't believe the anti-Rogers slur in Anon1's post, and agree with your points, but leaving off those two establishments (and Vij in Vancouver) killed the credibility of the list for a lot of people.

(Replaces foodie hat with circulator hat) Lists are fun, though. They probably sold a lot of magazines because of the controversy.

1:23 pm  

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