Monday, October 15, 2012

Quote, unquote: So they were right; does Maclean's get an apology?

"With all the revelations and goings on at the Charbonneau Commission regarding corruption in Quebec, I am wondering whether the National Assembly will now rescind its condemnation of the Maclean’s magazine cover showing the Bonhomme Carnaval carrying a suitcase of cash — since the article and cover are being discovered to be essentially true.

I also cannot forget that the Parti Québécois and Amir Khadir of Québec solidaire also voted to censure Maclean’s. Does this mean then that these two parties will repudiate the Charbonneau findings, since they have already repudiated that which was uncovered by Maclean’s?"
-- a letter to the Montreal Gazette by Andrew Chodos. The reference is to a widely criticized cover showing the iconic fat snowman to illustrate a story about Quebec as the "most corrupt" province.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's not fat. He's just jolly.

2:25 pm  
Blogger D. B. Scott said...

Good point. I note that even the Michelin man is slimmer than he was.Would that I were, too.

2:35 pm  

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