Friday, November 09, 2012

Maclean's gives a whole new meaning to "advertorial"

Magazine publishers struggling to prevent ads looking like editorial, may want to consider the alternative in the current (Nov 19) issue of Maclean's -- making their editorial look like an ad. One of their contents pages imitates the ad on the facing page (in this case, a promotion for Anyplace TV from parent company Rogers) using the interface of the recently introduced Windows 8 from Microsoft.


Anonymous nicholasT said...

How sad that grand dames of Canadian publishing that use to set enviable standards have now lowered themselves to slut status.

5:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Notably a slut that's still in business. Not saying its right, but there are some mags out that that no loner have any voice at all... because they're dead.

4:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sluts are people too.

Aren't we all sluts in our own way? As soon as you accept payment in exchange for a service, you're beholden and, well, sort of a slut.

I understand the whole "church and sate" stuff but if you get off your high horse for a minute and talk to Joe or Joanne average flipping through a magazine, you'll find that no matter how hard you work at it, they still can't tell the ads from the editorial content. In fact, most people comment on the ads.

10:09 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

true enough. it is after all, a business.

4:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Nicolas try reading any number of Conde Nast pubs this month and you'll be in for an even sweeter surprise esp if you are a subscriber.

Stop whining about ads. Mags have been vehicles for sales since day one. Don't like it. Start a 'zine. Be your own boss. Go get 'em tiger.

And stop using the word slut. You sound like a sick old man.

11:15 pm  
Anonymous nicholasT said...

My use of the word 'slut' is in the non-gender sense, an individual : Slut or slattern is a term applied to an individual who is considered to have loose sexual morals or who is sexually promiscuous.

The seamless blending of advertising into content will hurt any publication eventually (and it may take a long time), whether online or print or whatever medium is used. Thinking otherwise, is selling the consumer short. Please do not think that audiences are thick. They are not!

7:49 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gimme a break. Slut is very much a female specific word - don't play this gender neutral card. Having been around for 4 odd decades I have yet to hear the word applied to a male who sleeps around unless in pure jest which 'lowering to slut status' does not imply.

You are right, readers are not thick but they certainly understand magazines need to make money. No one was fooled by this placement in Maclean's. It is way too off their norm. Audiences also have short term memory. Pick up the next issue and it is no longer there.

1:34 pm  

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