Friday, November 09, 2012

MagsBC continues to be beset by funding refusals from Canada Periodical Fund

Funding troubles that have beset the Magazine Association of BC have not been resolved, apparently, as the Canada Periodical Fund has refused $50,000 in funding (about 48% of what was applied for for 2012-13. A newsletter to association members from executive director Sylvia Skene says that the funding was intended for mentoring, a program called Introduction to Magazines (including a speaker's bureau) and bursaries. Three other projects may still be funded, she said, in a clearly exasperated tone:
"Once I extensively rework, document and explain the other three projects in excruciating detail in the revised and slimmed-down application:
  • Internships (more funding for);
  • ProDevDays (in Vancouver and Victoria); and,
  • RAPID: Remote Access Professional Information Development (webinars/videos),
they will be reviewed one more time, then sent on to the Ministry for further cuts, er, approval.  Eventually."
Members are being asked to help weather the "funding famine" by writing applications, finding partners and helping with documentation. 
It will be recalled that MagsBC was thrown into a crisis in February when two funding applications, totalling $151,694, were rejected by the CPF; the agency relented and approved one of the two applications, but still with $25,000 less than it had applied for.


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