Saturday, November 10, 2012

"What did you read today?" is theme of national reading campaign

A campaign to which magazines, their publishers, editors, contributors and readers might all be expected to subscribe -- The National Reading Campaign -- is launching the week of November 12. It's an annual effort, started in 2008, to sustain and grow a reading society in which everyone living in Canada has an equal opportunity to become, enjoy and remain a life-long reader. You'll see what I mean about it being something of a no-brainer for people whose business depends on reading.

Starting Tuesday, a series of not-very-demanding launch activities are implemented. For instance, on Tuesday,  people are asked to change their Facebook profile picture to one of them reading, and asking all of their social media networks to do the same. On Wednesday, promotion begins on the "What did you read today?” contests. Detailed instructions are provided in the downloadable toolkit.

A national publicity push starts on Thursday. And on Friday, participants are asked to change their e-mail signatures to include the question “What did you read today?”, updating it periodically with answers.


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