Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Education Canada magazine gets visual relaunch

A new editor and art director have piloted a visual relaunch for Education Canada magazine. Published by the Canadian Education Association, the 68-year-old trade publication has traditionally served educational theorists, researchers and senior school and school board administrators. 

The new editor is Holly Bennett, former special editions editor of Today's Parent; the new art director is Dave Donald, who also is art director of This magazine.

The magazine's typeface has been updated and the architecture of the book revised, with the addition of illustrations and new department headers. 

Bennett says the new look and feel is part of broadening the accessibility of the content to grow the readership:
 “Both visually and editorially, we are striving to make Education Canada a more inviting reading experience, without compromising on the quality and depth of its articles.The conversation about what education should be and how to get there needs everyone’s voice. We aim to broaden our reach beyond researchers and school district administrators to include principals, teachers, parents and even students, so that they too can be inspired to think differently.”
Education Canada magazine through the years


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