Monday, January 14, 2013

Newsweek tablet seeks attention with
animated cover

Newsweek magazine, which recently gave up producing a print edition, is trying to get attention paid to the tablet edition that replaces it by publishing an animated cover image. According to a story in Adweek
When tablet subscribers download the coming week's issue, they'll first notice a blank, light-blue screen, which gives way to a four-second animation of the descent of the deep-diving submarine Pisces IV. Carrying the cover title, "Have We Hit Bottom?" (a headline sure to invite a few snide comments after Newsweek's recent print struggles) the story chronicles the last manned deep sea diving expedition. The piece is written by senior writer Tony Dokoupil and teases an exclusive interview with director and known deep sea diver James Cameron.


Anonymous Kat said...

Ugh. So annoying and gratuitous. No one wants an animated cover.

11:34 am  
Blogger D. B. Scott said...

I agree; this is a case of doing it because they can. And I'm not sure it will garner them one additional subscriber.

11:56 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

Virtual enhancements are exactly that. And they appeal to younger generations of readers. gimmicks aren't crazy and purists may be the weight that's sinking the ship.

10:01 am  

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