Monday, March 04, 2013

Photographers get opportunity to have projects reviewed, new work developed

Documentary photojournalism is not seen as frequently as it might be in contemporary consumer and cultural magazines, but it is still seen and is well worth cultivating. 

That's why the portfolio reviews in conjunction with the CONTACT Photography festival are so valuable. This year on May 4 and 5 at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, a number of reviewers will be participating, giving guidance to established and emerging artists looking for opportunities to publish and exhibit projects in the advanced stages of development. Among the reviewers are Daniel Neuhaus, photo editor of Toronto Life, Meeka Walsh, the editor of Border Crossings, Popyu Sibamoto, photo editor of Monocle magazine  and Natalie Matutschovsky, senior photo editor of Time magazine. The fee is $200 for four reviews.

There is also the Magnum Photos Workshop offered at the Ryerson University, School of Image Arts and The Chang School. The five-day workshop runs Monday May 13 to Friday, May 17 and is taughty by Dominic Straus, Moises Saman and Zoe Strauss and culminates in a screening at the Stephen Bulger Gallery of participants' work created during the workshop.

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