Thursday, April 25, 2013

5 ways that publishers screw up when it comes
to mobile

If the future is mobile, many publishers didn't get the memo. According to a post on Digiday, there are several ways in which newspaper and magazine publishers screw up when transmitting their sites to smartphones and tablets, mostly because they are still wedded to a desktop paradigm. The post cites five "deadly sins" of mobile:
  • Porting -- simply moving your desktop site over to the mobile web, resulting in clutter and tiny displays.
  • Pinch and zoom -- font sizes need to be readable and not require users to reverse-pinch their screens.
  • Pagination -- breaking stories into pages and expecting readers to look at a slide show or a 15-page article on a smartphone.
  • Hover -- publishers forget there isn't a mouse on a mobile device, so readers can't scroll over images to get more information.
  • Load time -- Publishers aren't economical with images, taking account of the slower connection and load times on a mobile phone. Readers may consider whether it's worth waiting for, and decide it's not.

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