Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Maclean's cover story reports on "slow-motion implosion" of Toronto mayor Rob Ford

In the June 10 cover story of Maclean's, senior writer Nicholas Köhler describes "the slow-motion implosion of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford", which Köhler says is following "a relentless chronology". The issue is on newsstands starting tomorrow (Thursday). An online sneak peek says:
The pressures of the job, one source tells Maclean’s, led Ford to drift into substance abuse problems early on in his term as mayor, when he stopped listening, came into work late or not at all, ceased alerting his office to his whereabouts, and refused to be accompanied by handlers from his office.

Soon top aides began hearing that Ford was buying mickeys of alcohol, purchases he asked his lower-rung staffers to keep secret.

His mayoralty has unspooled according to its own unforgiving logic since then, and his options have now diminished to one between resignation and self-destruction.

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