Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Heritage minister refuses to meet about TC Media and its CPF funding

Not that it probably expected much, but the Canadian Media Guild did receive a reply to a letter it sent a month ago to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, James Moore. The reply was posted by Story Board, the joint website of the CMG and the Canadian Writers Group. 

The CMG letter had requested a meeting to discuss funding that TC Media receives from the Canada Periodical Fund (roughly $8 million a year) in light of the company's aggressive freelance contract.
"Instead of enriching the cultural sector and helping to stabilize employment, the latest TC Media contract demands that freelancers sign over all rights to their work, while offering no increase in pay rates," the letter to the minister said. "Under these terms, TC Media has the right to republish or alter the work without permission (including removing the byline) and without paying the freelancer another cent."
Minister Moore's reply rather brusquely turns down any possibility of a meeting and says
"The Government of Canada is not involved in the management decisions of CPF recipients, nor in matters relating to potential labour disputes."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So the Government of Canada (formerly: the "Harper government") has absolutely no interest in ensuring the support it gives to well-funded public corporations, ostensibly to fund cultural industries, actually does what it's intended?

I'd like James Moore to explain the point of the fund. What a bunch of clowns.

12:28 pm  

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