Friday, September 20, 2013

Print "tasting menu" marks TRB's second anniversary

[This post has been updated] The Toronto Review of Books is an online magazine, but to mark its second anniversary, it is publishing its first print anthology called The Toronto Review of Books Tasting Menu: Choice Selections of the First Two Years. It is going to be available at the TRB's booth at this weekend's Word on the Street in Toronto on Sunday 22nd.
"We're celebrating with this feast of a book that serves up some of our favourite deliciousness from our blog and issues," says editor Jessica Duffin Wolfe on the magazine's blog. "Designed by Ali S. Qadeer and printed by Coach House Press in Toronto, Tasting Menu is both smart and pretty. Chatty and fascinating dinner guests gathered between its letterpress covers include celebrated TRB contributors Dylan Gordon, Meghan Davidson Ladly, Shawn Micallef, Matt Rader, David Ritter, Brett Story, Moez Surani—and you, if you like."
[Update] The anthology will be sold for a special WOTS-only price of $10, but will be higher later (TBD). 

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