Thursday, January 16, 2014

Vancouver magazine unveils redesign

Vancouver magazine has unveiled a cover-to-cover redesign in its January/February issue now on newsstands. 
"We’ve all been at that stage in a relationship: you love each other but you can’t help think it wouldn’t kill your other half to hit the gym once in a while," said the magazine in a release. "With the freshly redesigned issue, Vancouver magazine has done more than attend the occasional yoga drop-in.  It has trained for a marathon.  
” 'Readers will be thrilled to see the sophisticated design and new content', said Lori Chalmers, Publisher of Vancouver magazine and Western Living. 'In particular, an increased focus on food and wine reflects our readers’ passion and interests, and affirms our position as the city’s premier consumer magazine.' ”
Food and drink coverage and the popular designing section has been moved forward. There is an inreased emphasis on food and wine and  nearly every page is signposted and the content is delivered in three sections: 
  • The Brief introduces more real estate coverage and takes on the month’s leading stories and story makers. Politics, sports, the arts, business — it’s a highly curated, unique, opinionated filter of the best (and the worst) the city has to offer.
  • The Dish covers Vancouver’s restaurants and bars, with added suggestions for nights at home (as one example, check out a lifesize King crab on pg. 36 of the January/February issue, with recipes.) Readers come to Vanmag for food—now the culinary section is even more enticing.
  • The Goods is a new section reporting on shopping, travel, health and fitness, and style.



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