Monday, April 28, 2014

Quote, unquote: Is Rogers Communications a buy?

Unlike kids at Christmas time, investors and financial analysts do not like surprises. Unfortunately, that’s what they’ve received lately from Rogers.

Rogers reported earnings per share, total earnings or net income divided by shares outstanding, which missed analysts’ expectations by about 7% during each of the last two quarters. In fact, Rogers hasn’t exceeded expectations on earnings for over a year. Until management can meet, and exceed, earnings expectations consistently, it’s unlikely its share price will make any meaningful gains.
-- from a posting by the iconoclastic financial website Motley Fool. It asks "Is Rogers Communications a buy?" and its answer is "no".  Such opinions and what happens to Rogers's wireless and cable business is a matter of concern for its important portfolio of magazines, including some of Canada's largest



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rogers Publishing is in turmoil. The magazines are all taking a harder hit on circulation and advertising. There has been significant employee turnover. There are no dedicated business teams for any of the magazines. No individual publishers, no dedicated sales reps, no dedicated marketing reps, no dedicated circulation strategists.

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