Sunday, May 11, 2014

Herald Magazine multiple winner in Atlantic Journalism Awards

The winners of the Atlantic Journalism Awards have been announced and honoured at last night's gala in Halifax. Herald Magazine, published by the Halifax daily, was a multiple award-winner. The magazine-related awards (the AJAs cover all journalism, print, radio and TV) are as follows:
Atlantic Magazine Article
John DeMont /Russell Jackson – Herald Magazine – Halifax, NS – The Long Goodbye.
Deborah Wiles/Jayson Taylor – Herald Magazine – Halifax, NS – Fogo Island Unfolds.
Hugh W. McKervill – Atlantic Salmon Journal – Chamcook, NB – Not Fishing With My Father.
Atlantic Magazine: Best Cover
Herald Magazine – Halifax, NS – Hearts Divided.
East Coast Living – Halifax, NS – Fall 2013 Cover.
Herald Magazine – Halifax, NS – The Long Goodbye.
Atlantic Magazine: Best Profile Article
John DeMont/Christian Laforce – Herald Magazine – Halifax, NS – Hearts Divided.
Beverley Ware/Christian Laforce – Herald Magazine – Halifax, NS – High-Flying Priest.
Quentin Casey – Progress Magazine – Halifax, NS – There for the Hard Part.
Feature Writing: Print
Stephen Kimber – Atlantic Business Magazine – St. John's, NL – No love from Lunenburg.
Dean Jobb – Saltscapes Magazine – Bedford, NS – Flight of Fancy.
Hilary Beaumont – Herald Magazine – Halifax, NS –The Person He Wants To Be.

Full list of winners in all categories

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