Monday, June 16, 2014

Longform journalism site Byliner reeling from loss of CEO and key editors

Byliner, the longform journalism website, is said to be teetering on the brink of closing, something that would be a crushing blow to those who felt the internet could be harnessed to provide quality, paid-for, journalism. According to a story on Publishing Executive, the site, which charges its subscribers $5.99 a month, is seeing the departure of well-regarded executives and editors, culminating this weekend with the announcement from CEO and co-founder John Tayman that he was leaving. A story in the New York Observer said
The trouble first became evident when co-founder Mark Bryant, formerly an editor at Outside magazine, who had helped attract well-known writers from that world, including Jon Krakauer and Bruce Barcott, announced he was leaving last month. Then executive editor Laura Hohnhold — who came to Outside after the Times shut down its sports-oriented magazine supplement Play, and then joined Mr. Bryant — bailed on Byliner five days ago.
A contributor said
“My assumption is that people are bailing because the monetization model isn’t working, they’re burning through their startup cash, and either paychecks have stopped coming or people can see writing on the wall.”

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