Monday, June 09, 2014

The Tyee's founding editor David Beers to reliquish day-to-day management

The founding editor of the B.C. online publication The Tyee, David Beers, is stepping away from the day-to-day management, becoming executive editor. He will be concentrating on strategic opportunities for expanding The Tyee and developing other independent media. A new. full-time, editor-in-chief who is to be chosen to replace Beers will run The Tyee's editorial side day to day, according to the job posting on the website. Anticipating that his departure might cause talk, the post said
The Tyee is in excellent financial shape, given the ongoing commitment of our investors, record levels of advertising revenue, and very successful fundraising drives (our Builders program). This is a perfect time to add capacity and skills in house. 
All people currently working so ably on The Tyee's editorial side will remain in place. There's no shake-up underway here. Just a quiver of anticipation at what might be accomplished with new talent aboard!
The Tyee was launched more than 10 years ago and has between 800,000 and a million pageviews each month. More than 60 per cent of readers are from BC and 40% from the greater Vancouver area. The publication is funded by two major investors, from advertising and sponsorship and reader contributions.   



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