Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Tyee goes national, putting a full-time investigative reporter in Ottawa

The Tyee, the BC-based news site, has realized its plan to go "national", with the appointment of Jeremy
Jeremy Nuttall
Nuttall as the publication's reporter in Ottawa. It was made possible by pledges from Tyee readers to pay monthly amounts to put him there. The organization raised more than $100,000 in three weeks. Editor David Beers said
Those resources create a job for Jeremy Nuttall -- living wages and expenses -- which is a hopeful development given that the nation's largest news chain Postmedia has eliminated its parliamentary bureau, the CBC is rocked by cuts, and most other media orgs are downsizing. Hopeful, too, because Jeremy will arrive in Ottawa with a stellar resume that includes freelance reporting from China and positions with the CBC, the Canadian Press and 24Hours Vancouver, as well as the dozens of stories he filed for The Tyee in his groundbreaking investigation of the federal Temporary Foreign Workers Program (see his bio and all his stories for The Tyee to date here). 
Even more hopeful because Jeremy brings to Parliament Hill a mandate from you Tyee readers. It's to cover what the rest of the media either lacks the guts or resources to investigate. He has the experience and skills to lay bare complex international business deals, cover labour issues in-depth, cut through politicians' smokescreens, and represent a British Columbian point of view in the nation's capital.



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