Friday, October 10, 2014

Blue Ant merges Outdoor Canada with Outdoor Group Media (Western Sportsman et al)

In a major consolidation of the outdoor publication sector, Outdoor Canada magazine is being merged with Western Sportsman, BC Outdoors and Outdoor Edge in Outdoor Group Media. The deal involves Blue Ant Media  becoming 50% owner of the existing Outdoor Group Media and makes it the largest publisher of outdoor publications in Canada.
As a result, Mark Yelic of Keywest will be the new publisher of Outdoor Canada, while the current editorial and art staff (editor-in-chief Patrick Walsh, managing editor Bob Sexton, associate editor Scott Gardner and art director Sandra Cheung) remain in place and in their offices at Cottage Life Media.
“Our talented and knowledgeable editorial teams look forward to continuing to serve Canada’s passionate outdoor enthusiasts in new and exciting ways,” said Terry Sellwood, president, Cottage Life Media, a division of Blue Ant Media [in a release]. “The merging of this expertise will further enhance the quality of the content for readers on a national level.”

“This exciting new partnership gives the brands, both print and digital, coast-to-coast reach in the hunting and fishing market and a consolidated sales team for turnkey advertising campaigns,” said Mark Yelic, President, Keywest Marketing.
Both ownership groups are privately held media companies. Blue Ant acquired Outdoor Canada in 2011 as part of its purchase of Quarto Communications (later, Cottage Life Media) and is widely invested in television, magazines, mobile and the web. Keywest Marketing has been producing hunting and fishing magazines in western Canada for more than 20 years and co-produces BC-based fishing TV shows. 

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Anonymous Patrick Walsh said...

D.B., you're going to give Associate Editor Scott Gardner heart failure! Could you please add him to the list of staff staying with the mag? Cheers!

5:32 pm  
Anonymous Chet Faker said...

You could have called it the Outdoor Media Group and had a nice acronym to boot. #missedopportunities #omg

1:09 pm  

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