Monday, August 22, 2016

Learning opportunities in feature and non-fiction writing for magazines, print or digital

There are a couple of excellent night school writing courses available as part of the Chang School's Magazine and Web Publishing program at Ryerson University.They complement each other. |One is more or less a *prerequisite for the other. They start the week of September 12.**  
  • Writing for Magazines and the Web (CDJN117) is intended for those with a serious interest in writing and selling non-fiction articles to print or online magazines or other communication venues, this is an introduction to the basics of conceiving, focusing, pitching, researching, structuring, writing and revising both short and longer feature articles. The instructor is Diane Peters
  • Advanced Feature Writing (CDJN118) is designed for senior students of magazine feature writing, is intended to further develop your reporting and narrative writing skills. Instructor David Hayes pays particular attention to what is called “narrative nonfiction” (also known as “literary journalism” and often long form), which combines journalism’s attention to reporting and factual accuracy with many of the dramatic techniques of fiction. At its best, narrative nonfiction holds readers, entertaining them while simultaneously providing the depth and context necessary to understand complex issues and events, or capture the essence of a profile subject. (This is the default style for any of the larger-market magazines in the business.) 
  • *Candidates for 118 should either have completed 117 or demonstrate experience by producing a portfolio of substantial feature work from magazines or newspapers. 

To see all of the courses offered in the fall term in the Magazine and Web Publishing program, go to
**[Don't delay; some people are disappointed when courses they want don't run because we didn't realize they intended to enrol.]



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