Monday, January 16, 2017

Entries for contending awards programs coming down to the wire

We will know soon enough which way the creative contributors and magazine publishers have chosen to celebrate their work in this spring's awards season. The final deadlines for entries are in the next couple of weeks: Jan 20 (this Friday) for the 40th anniversary  National Magazine Awards* and Jan 30 (in just under two weeks) their competitor, the brand-new Magazine Grands Prix . 

Although there has been no indication by either organization to announce the total number of entries, a lot of small- and medium-sized publishers -- particularly independents and literary cultural titles -- to whom I've spoken felt it was an either-or proposition; to stick with entering the established awards or jump to entering the new ones, (though some may choose to enter both.) 

There has been a good deal of puzzlement and discussion about financial and creative choices being required. Either way, one indicator of the industry's views would be a comparison of total entries, a matter of participants voting with their entry fees, so to speak.

*(The NMA Magazine of the Year submissions are Jan 27; The NMA's Digital Publishing Awards deadline is Jan 31 .)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So.... we now have the National Magazine Awards AND the Canadian Magazine Awards? (Our magazine didn't receive any info about the latter until this week.) Does this rift benefit anyone, or does it just dilute resources and attention?

3:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Canadian Magazine Awards is a arms-crossed sulky effort by Doug Knight (St. Joes), his partner Shelly Ambrose (The Walrus) and Steve Maiche (Rogers) and does nothing but dilute recognition of the wonderful creators who make this industry work. Those three publishers weren't happy because they weren't winning EVERY SINGLE award at the NMAFs... so they started an awards show where they could simply award themselves.

6:06 pm  

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