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Finalists announced for Magazine Grands Prix awards

Best cover finalists
The finalists for the first Magazine Grands Prix have been announced for their inaugural year by Magazines Canada. Winners will be announced at an awards fête to be held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto on Thursday, April 27, including the awards for editor of the year and magazine of the year. Both will be announced prior to the awards. The top honour will be for the Magazine Grand Prix, awarded to the one of the 8 magazine category winners, will reflect a magazine that consistently delivers the best reader experience and how its team comes together to create the magazine.

The new awards, which inevitably are seen as keen competitors for the National Magazine Awards, They are being awarded after deliberation of a panel of 40 judges, co-chaired by Stanley Péan and Soraya Peerbaye, selected a shortlist and winners "based on set of guiding principles for adjudicating and celebrating excellence in Canada's magazine media," said a Magazines Canada release. Among some of the notable highlights cited:
  • There was strong interest from new and independent magazines across the country this year: notably, five new magazines that were launched in the last year: Curated Life, Dînette Magazine, Hayo, Inspired Dining by Canadel, and Peeps.
  • Mark Pupo of Toronto Life is a double nominee, in Best Service and Lifestyle Story.
  • Maclean's and its individual creators have been nominated for a total of six awards, including: Best General Interest Story (Michael Friscolanti), Best Science, Business and Politics Story (Nancy Macdonald), Best General Interest Magazine, Best Multi-Platform Story Treatment, Best Multi-Platform Magazine Brand, and Best Art Direction of an Entire Issue (Stephen Gregory).
  • FLARE and its individual creators have been nominated for a total of four awards, including: Best Fashion and Beauty Story (Tiyana Grulovic, Courtney Shea, Amy Verner, Nancy Won), Best Entertainment and Celebrities Story (Jessi Cruickshank), Best Multi-Platform Story Treatment, and Best Cover.
  • esse arts + opinions and its individual creators have been nominated for two awards, including: Best Literature and Art Magazine, and Best Art Direction of an Entire Issue (Studio Feed).
  • There are seven finalists in three Best Story categories whose work was published by Toronto Life: John Hofsess, Jean Grant, Malcolm Johnston, Emily Landau, Rebecca Philps, Mark Pupo and Caroline Youdan.
  • There are four finalists in three Best Story categories whose work was published by The Walrus: Teva Harrison, Liz Howard, Lauren McKeon and Mary Rogan.
  • There are three finalists in two individual categories whose work was published by Maisonneuve: Heidi Berton, Chris Scott and Marchien Veen.
Below are the finalists in alphabetical order. All nominated submissions are available at
Awards for Best Story (written categories, awarded to an individual)

1. Best General Interest Story
  • Michael Friscolanti,"Saving Family No. 417",Maclean's
  • John Hofsess, "By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead", Toronto Life
  • Chris Scott, "Nuclear Fallout", Maisonneuve
2. Best Service and Lifestyle Story
  • Jean Grant, Malcolm Johnston, Rebecca Philps, Mark Pupo, Caroline Youdan,"The Big Smoke",Toronto Life
  • Rémi Leroux,"De beaux lendemains", Protégez-Vous
  • Mark Pupo,"Where to Eat Now",Toronto Life
3. Best Food and Beverage Story
  • Emily Landau,"Mean Girl", Toronto Life
  • Rose-Aimée T. Morin,"Seize heures avec Charles-Antoine Crête", URBANIA
  • Amy Rosen,"Have Yourself a Merry Little Calisson",enRoute
4. Best Fashion and Beauty Story
  • Tiyana Grulovic, Courtney Shea, Amy Verner, Nancy Won,"The New Wave: Canadians You Need to Know Now", FLARE
  • Vanessa Jarman, Naro Lokuruka, Benjamin MacDonald, Odessa Paloma Parker, James Reiger, Wendy Rorong, Andrew Sardone,"Different Strokes", Globe Style Advisor
  • Emmanuelle Martinez-Curvalle,"La confusion des genres", ELLE Québec
5. Best Home Design and Décor Story, including Gardening
  • Hedvig Alexander, John Baker, Arren Williams, "Travel by Design",Globe Style Advisor
  • Ann Vanderhoof, "Meet Dyan", Cottage Life
  • Christy Wright,"Accent with Colour", Style at Home
6. Best Entertainment and Celebrities Story
  • Jessi Cruickshank,"This is What Happens When the #MendesArmy Attacks",FLARE
  • Omar Mouallem, "The Fight of His Life", Avenue Calgary
  • Catherine Perreault-Lessard,"Les têtes à clics", L'actualité
7. Best Literature and Art Story, including Poetry
  • M. Bayless,"So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish", EVENT
  • Teva Harrison,"Three Ways to Disappear", The Walrus
  • Liz Howard,"Life Cycle of the Animal Called 'She'",  The Walrus
8. Best Science, Business and Politics Story
  • Nancy Macdonald,"Justice is Not Blind", Maclean's
  • Mary Rogan,"Growing up Trans", The Walrus
  • Paul Christopher Webster,"The Silent Partner", Report on Business
9. Best Niche/Special Interest Story
  • Graham Candy, Yuyang Liu,"Winning and Losing in Modern China", Peeps
  • Danielle Egan,"About a Boy",Vancouver Magazine
  • Lauren McKeon,"Whose Side Are You On, Anyway?", The Walrus
Awards for Best Art (visual categories, awarded to an individual)

10. Best Feature Photography or Videography
  • Matt Barnes,"Laces of Death", Sharp: The Book for Men
  • Terence Byrnes, "South of Buck Creek", Geist
  • James Tse,"Mixing It Up", Food & Drink
11. Best Illustration or Motion Graphics
  • Heidi Berton,"Self-Checkout", Maisonneuve
  • Byron Eggenschwiler,"Astronaut Wives", Vancouver Magazine
  • Marchien Veen,"All the Girls Love Jesus", Maisonneuve
Awards for Best Magazine (awarded to a magazine)

12. Best General Interest Magazine
  • L'actualité
  • Maclean's
  • The Walrus
13. Best Service and Lifestyle Magazine
  • Chatelaine
  • Curated Life
  • Today's Parent
14. Best Food and Beverage Magazine
  • Dînette Magazine
  • Super Vitalité (7 Jours Manger Santé)
15. Best Fashion and Beauty Magazine
  • Elle Canada
  • The Kit Compact
16. Best Home Design and Decor Magazine, including Gardening
  • Garden Making
  • Inspired Dining by Canadel
  • Western Living
18. Best Literature and Art Magazine, including Poetry
  • esse arts + opinions
  • Inuit Art Quarterly
  • Vallum: Contemporary Poetry
19. Best Science, Business and Politics Magazine
  • Canadian Business
  • Québec Science
20. Best Niche/Special Interest Magazine
  • Hayo
  • The Hockey News
  • Ornamentum
Grands Prix

21. Best Art Direction of an Entire Issue
(Awarded to the person who demonstrates excellence and innovation in visual design and style.)
  • Stephen Gregory, Fort McMurray Special Edition, May 30, 2016
  • Maclean's,Studio Feed, Issue 87: Le Vivant / The Living, Spring/Summer 2016
  • esse arts + opinions,Carey van der Zalm
  • Volume 35: Borders, The Site Magazine
22. Best Multi-Platform Story Treatment
(Awarded to the magazine that best uses a multi-platform treatment to expand the impact and influence, of a story.)
  • Chatelaine, "This is 40ish"
  • FLARE, "60 Under 30"
  • Maclean's,"Saving Family No. 417"
23. Best Multi-Platform Magazine Brand
(Awarded to the magazine that infuses branded content on various platforms and uses technology to expand the relationship with readers.)
  • Cottage Life
  • Maclean's
  • Sportsnet
24. Best Cover
(Awarded to the magazine that heightens the aesthetic impact of the cover and connects with the audience.)
  • FLARE,August 2016
  • Maisonneuve, Issue 60
  • Prefix Photo, 33: Performing Labour

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