Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mag world view: Johnston merges print & digital; category sales; Fry: Facebook is publisher; public editor no more at NYT

subTerrain magazine shrinks its format to "break out of staid conformity"

The future is smaller for subTerrain magazine. The Vancouver -based literary has announced it is downsizing its format with its current issue (#76, "The Future Issue") to what it calls a "non-standard off-size" (essentially somewhat like a super-digest.) It has sent a message to subscribers that says, in part
We feel this suits our personality better.  subTerrain started out as a 7 x 10 ’zine and eventually caved in to industry pressure and embraced life as a standard format, newsstand magazine. Well, after nearly three decades of life, we’ve decided to break out of the staid conformity of the magazine rack and live a little. We want to enliven our journey with unpredictability; not only content, but form as well must remain fresh. We are not the New Yorker nor Harper’s, magazines that have maintained their “brand” look for decades and decades on end. We want to embrace the uncertainty of the future; we want to bank on the near limitless possibilities that the unknowable can offer. We don’t want you to know beforehand what to expect from us. We want to surprise you with every issue. We want subTerrain to be an anticipated little piece of mail.

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Alan Quarry of Waterloo named chairman of BPA Worldwide board of directors

Alan Quarry, the chairman of Quarry Integrated Communications, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario has been appointed chairman of BPA Worldwide's board of directors. 

The audit firm was originally created in 1931 by advertisers, advertising agencies and the media industry principally to provide third-party auditing of audience claims by magazines and newspapers to facilitate the buying and selling of advertising. 

Today, in addition to auditing audience claims, through its iCompli service, BPA verifies compliance to defined government, industry, and organizational standards as well as adherence to privacy, data protection and sustainability guidelines and best practices. It performs nearly 3,800 annual audits of media channels in over 30 countries. 

It is about the launch B2B Media Exchange, made up of its audited B2B member, to help manage automated digital advertising.The board of directors, which sets auditing rules and organizational policies and oversees operations for the international organization, is comprised of 17 advertiser and advertising agency representatives and 15 publication representatives. BPA's bylaws require that its chairman, elected each May, is an executive from an advertiser or advertising agency member company. Quarry will serve through May 2019.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Cottage Life is named magazine of the year at National Magazine Awards

TORONTO, ON (May 26, 2017) – The National Magazine Awards Foundation (NMAF) presented the winners of the 40th anniversary National Magazine Awards at a gala this evening in Toronto at the Arcadian Court. Nearly 300 of Canada’s top magazine writers, artists, editors, art directors, publishers, and other guests representing 75 nominated magazines gathered to recognize and celebrate excellence in the content and creation of Canadian magazines in 2016.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered a welcome message to the audience via video, congratulating the nominees and winners and praising the important work of Canada’s magazine creators.
"As writers, photographers, artists, and more, you tell the stories we need to hear to understand our world and our place in it. And for forty years, the National Magazine Awards Foundation has supported this vital cause. This year marks 150 years since Confederation, and as we look forward to the next 150 years, your leadership and your storytelling will continue to shape our country for the better."
—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
The Foundation presented Gold and Silver Medal awards in 25 categories at a ceremony co-hosted by Kim Pittaway, Michael de Pencier, and D.B. Scott—three of Canada’s most respected journalists and publishers, and all former winners of the Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement. Indigenous writer and Gold Medalist in the Essays category, Alicia Elliott, delivered the keynote address, urging all Canadian magazine creators and publishers to recognize their role in educating and informing the public about the complex social and cultural issues of our time, including empowering Indigenous voices and perspectives in the media.
Visit to view the complete list of winners and read the full text of all winning articles. Download the entire list [PDF] of nominees and winners. @MagAwards.
“Forty years ago the NMAF set about building a coalition of institutions to form the foundation of what would become the National Magazine Awards. The goal was to create a truly national program that would recognize individual excellence in the many aspects of the magazine industry. Forty years later that legacy has endured. Tonight we have recognized the outstanding work of Canada’s magazine creators. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners—you have truly inspired the future of great journalism in this country.”
—Nino Di Cara, President, NMAF
Canada’s 2017 Magazine of the Year is Cottage Life. The award for magazine of the year goes to the publication that most consistently engages, surprises, and serves the needs of its readers. The award is judged according to four criteria—overall quality, impact, innovation, and brand awareness—and success relative to the magazine’s editorial mandate.
“With a clear and creative editorial strategy that is loyal to their brand, audience, and business, Cottage Life continues to diversify its mandate, grow its readership, and excel at publishing. The magazine’s tone is perfectly playful, its stories educate and delight, and its story packaging is alluring. Cottage Life has demonstrated creativity and excellence in evolving its brand through events, shows, and multimedia—reinventing itself again and again. And throughout its evolution, the magazine itself remains fresh and fascinating.”
—The National Magazine Awards Jury
Honourable Mention for Magazine of the Year went to Explore, Nouveau Projet, Ricardo, and The Kit Compact.
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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Texas Monthly dominates the [US] City and Regional Awards

Excellence in Design winner
August 2016
Texas Monthly took home seven awards this week in the [U.S.] City and Regional Magazine Awards (CRMA).
It won the profiles category for larger circulations with “The Iconoclast,” Eric Benson’s story of an immunologist who challenged prevailing medical wisdom to uncover a possible cancer cure and won four design awards. “Objects of Our Affection” took top honors for feature design for circulations greater than 60,000 for its inspired use of typography and silhouetted photography that highlight Texas artifacts.

Texas Monthly won Cover Excellence for its impressive use of portraiture and food styling, and the thoughtfully crafted August issue won the Excellence in Design category. Victoria Millner was named Designer of the Year for a diversity of work in Texas Monthly, including eye-catching infographics, beautiful illustrations and engaging use of typography

Chicago Magazine won five awards, including writer of the year to Bryan Smith.Denver's 5280 and Boston Magazine both got three.

The complete list of CRMA winners
Press release of winners

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Magawards gala is Friday night to be co-hosted by three outstanding achievement winners

The magazine awards season comes to a conclusion this Friday evening, May 26 at the Arcadian Court in Toronto with the 40th annual National Magazine Awards gala. Here is an excerpt from a release from the National Magazine Awards Foundation:
TORONTO, ON (May 16, 2017) – The NMAF is excited to announce that this year’s 40th anniversary National Magazine Awards gala, on May 26, will be co-hosted by three previous winners of the Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement—Kim Pittaway, Michael de Pencier, and D.B. Scott—with special guest appearances by other winners including James Ireland, Sally Armstrong, Ken Rodmell, Lynn Cunningham, Stephen Trumper, Al Zikovitz, and Paul Jones.  
The NMAF is also delighted to announce that Indigenous writer and 2017 nominee in Essays, Alicia Elliott, will deliver a keynote address to the gathering of more than 250 nominated writers, artists, editors, art directors, publishers, and more. 
As we celebrate 40 years of achievement in Canadian magazines and honour the outstanding work of the past year, we also acknowledge the strength, excellence, and diversity of Canada’s storytellers, whose creativity and passion are the bedrock of Canadian magazine journalism, today and tomorrow. 
Kim Pittaway is the executive director, MFA in Creative Nonfiction, at University of King's College. A freelancer writer and former editor of Chatelaine, she is an eight-time National Magazine Award nominee and was the 2016 recipient of the Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement.  
Michael de Pencier was the founding president of the National Magazine Awards Foundation in 1977, and was publisher of Toronto Life from 1971 until 2002. He founded Key Publishers, which published Canadian Geographic, Quill and Quire, Where Magazine, Fashion Magazine, Gardening Life, Canadian Business, and many other titles. In 1991 he was the recipient of the Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement.
D.B. Scott is the president of Impresa Communications Ltd, publisher of the Canadian Magazines blog. He is a magazine and media consultant, writer, teacher, market researcher, publisher, and editor. He served on the NMAF Board of Directors for eight years and was president in 1990. In 2011 he was the recipient of the Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Some Quebec honey is not what it seems or says, according to Protegez-Vous magazine

The magazine Protegez-Vous, published by Options Consommateurs in Quebec has reported that one third of honey they tested was of lower quality than promised. 11 of 36 products tested were safe to eat but were flawed or violated Canadian and international honey standards. Various brands, for instance, had sugar added or were overheated, the magazine said in its June issue. Five products have a botanical origin different than advertised on their labels. 

The proprietor of Three Acres summer honey, Liliane Morel, firmly denied any wrongdoing  in an interview with CTV News:
“We promise that we have never, ever done anything wrong, that you are getting a quality product from the bottom of our hearts,” she said.“We have no problem having our honey tested. The problem is that we've been accused of putting sugar in our honey which is totally not true. 
Morel said she was flabbergasted by the Protegez-Vous test, completed in a lab in France. Each honey underwent two tests: one for added fructose and an MRI to confirm the ingredients.“We know what we do and we know what we do not do and add sugar to our honey is definitely not something that we do or will ever do,” she said.

CSME Editors' awards finalists announced

The Canadian Society of Magazine Editors (CSME) has announced the shortlist of finalists for the 2017 Editors' Choice Awards. The winners will be announced on June 7 at the CSME Awards and Social, 5:30 pm at The Pilot, in Toronto, 22 Cumberland Street. Along with the category winners,  winners will be announced for awards for Best Front of Book, the Jim Cormier Award for Best Display Writing and Best Art Integration and CSME’s highest honour, the Editor of the Year Award.
Kirstine Stewart will deliver a keynote address about staying ahead of the curve in our ever-changing media environment and cultivating innovation in your team. As Chief Strategy Officer for Diply, a content platform with more than one billion monthly views, and the former Vice-President of Media at Twitter, Stewart has consistently been at the forefront of media’s evolution. She is also the author of the national bestseller, Our Turn.
The award finalists are…

Best Magazine, Small:
– This Magazine
– BC Business
– Vancouver Magazine

Best Magazine, Medium:
– The Hockey News
– Cottage Life
– Best Health

Best Magazine, Large:
– The Kit Compact
– Style at Home
– ELLE Canada

Best Magazine, Trade:
– Precedent
– Ignite
– Professionally Speaking

Best Magazine, Custom:
– Air Canada EnRoute
– Fairmont Magazine
– Bombardier Magazine

Best Tablet Edition:
– ELLE Canada
– Style at Home
– The Hockey News

Best Web Editorial:

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Quote, unquote: Partnering with a disruptor

Airbnb is a travel disrupter, and with Airbnbmag, we will disrupt the travel-magazine category with a publication unlike any other on newsstands today. By partnering with Airbnb, we are able to serve their global community and provide readers with the most inspiring and most real-life travel stories, experiences and tips. The world of travel has changed. Technology has changed. People’s needs have changed. There is a new travel consumer whose needs and interests weren’t being served in the current media landscape.
-- Joanna Coles, chief content officer at Hearst, quoted on the company's website about the benefit they see of partnering with Airbnb on a new newsstand magazine.


Monday, May 15, 2017

British newsstand distributor Comag's owners Hearst and Condé Nast bail out

The future is quite uncertain for Comag in Great Britain as a major newsstand distributor. Its two, principal owners -- Hearst UK and Condé Nast Britain -- have withdrawn. Comag has a 23 per cent share of the UK newsstand market.

Hearst UK publishes 24 magazines and website titles, including: Good Housekeeping, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Red and Men’s Health. It owns 65 per cent of Comag.

Condé Nast Britain publishes 16 magazines and websites including: Vogue, GQ, Tatler, Wired and Vanity Fair. It owns the remaining 35 per cent of Comag.

The announcement, reported by Press Gazette, that the two partners were to "withdraw" was made without elaboration, other than that there would be some unspecified consultation with staff, clients and suppliers.


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Jonathan Kay has resigned as EIC of The Walrus

Late Saturday, Jonathan Kay resigned as editor-in-chief of The Walrus magazine, according to a post from Canadaland

His departure is attributed to the recent storm in the Twitterverse over "cultural appropriation". Kay was one of a dozen senior people from the media establishment who were -- in jest or in mischief -- attaching their name to the creation of an "appropriation prize". (It was the result of a furor over a column written by Hal Niedzviecki in the magazine of the Writers Union of Canada magazine; he resigned his position as editor. [See earlier post.])

In a pair of clipped tweets Sunday morning Kay said:
"I've done something that's going to make the twitterverse *very* pleased...." and "And if anyone needs me today, I will be in the cheap seats, watching the Jays. Phone blissfully off."

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Quote, unquote: The strategy? Make
the magazine better

“Magazines can be fantastically successful, but don’t go on doing the same thing you were doing five years ago or ten years ago. You need to create the product that your readership wants. Too many magazines are being diverted by publishing houses focusing too hard on the digital aspect. I think they would see much better sales if there was greater focus on the magazine.”
-- Mark Hedges, editor, Country Life magazine, in an article from Press Gazette


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Editor of Write resigns for writing column promoting "cultural appropriation"

Hal Niedzviecki
Hal Niedzviecki has resigned from his position as editor of Write, the quarterly magazine of the Writers' Union of Canada (TWUC) as the result of furious criticism of an opinion article he wrote in its latest issue. In it, he said that he rejects the notion of "cultural appropriation" and went so far as to encourage writers "to imagine other peoples, other cultures, other identities" and compete for the "appropriation prize".

Other contributors to the magazine and to the particular issue (which was themed mostly with articles from indigenous people) were outraged and said so on social media, noting that their articles were specifically against cultural appropriation, which involves taking over creative or artistic forms, themes, or practices by one cultural group from another. An example of the furor was a Facebook post by Helen Knott, a TWUC member and a contributor to the issue. 
“I am seriously disgusted that someone would use the Indigenous issue of Write as a jump point for a case for cultural appropriation on the backs, words, and reputations of the Indigenous writers featured in it. It’s not enough that we are finding our voices, reclaiming our ability to tell stories, and having to heal to tell these stories. But people want to tell them for us.” 
TWUC issued an apology which said, in part 
"The (article) offended and hurt readers, contributors to the magazine and members of the editorial board," said the union, noting the magazine is intended "to offer space for honest and challenging discussion and to be sincerely encouraging to all voices." 
"The union recognizes that intention is not enough, and that we failed in execution in this instance. We remain dedicated to honouring the very hard work we have set ourselves, and to taking responsibility for systemic wrongs in which we as an institution with a place in helping to define Canadian culture have participated."
Niedzviecki, who is also an author and founder and editor of Broken Pencil magazine says now 
“I started out kind of flippantly and I think that I failed to recognize how charged (the term cultural appropriation) is and how deeply painful acts of cultural appropriation have been to indigenous peoples,” he told the Toronto Star
“Sometimes the things that you’re trying to convey aren’t being conveyed in the right way.” He hoped that, in the future, the writers he worked with “would be willing to talk to me and dialogue with me about why it happened.” 
“I’m certainly going to be thinking about this incident in the future when I write. At the same time I think it is important that we engage with each other, that we speak respectfully to each other about our differences of opinion. I don’t think we want to have a chill on expressing ideas,” he said.

Vote for best magazine cover of the year must be cast by May 18

The People's Choice for best cover of the year, selecting from 10 finalists, is open for voting through May 18 and the winners will be announced on May 19 on Twitter @MagAwards
Vote here

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Annex Business Media buys three b2b titles from Annex-Newcomb LP

Annex Business Media has acquired OHS Canada, Pipeline and Autovision magazines from Annex-Newcom LP of Toronto. 

The purchase of the three titles all-but wraps up the partnership created to manage the acquisition of Glacier's Business Information Group (BIG) in early 2015. (Announcements are expected in the next week about three further titles that would allow Annex to move into new industrial sectors.)

The staff of the three magazines will be joining Annex. 
Autovision is a luxury and fleet automobile magazine with a unique distribution model to target C-suite and high net-worth individuals and fleet buyers across Canada. OHS Canada is Canada’s leading occupational health and safety magazine. Pipeline is Canada’s occupational health and safety online resource dedicated entirely to the oil and gas sector.
“These are established brands with experienced teams and deep connections in their industries," said Ted Markle, Annex COO. "They also fit well with many of our existing businesses. Safety is a central issue in all the business sectors we serve, while our unparalleled reach into Canada’s business elite is a natural fit for Autovision.” 
Annex Business Media is Canada’s largest and fastest growing business-to-business media company, with almost 60 brands and diversified revenue streams that spans print, digital, video, email, research, book distribution, commercial printing and events.  
Annex, in partnership with Newcom Business Media acquired 67 trade publications, related websites and digital assets from Glacier Media Inc. in January 2015, giving it more than 100 properties. Some of these included titles bought by Glacier in 2011 in a purchase from Rogers Publishing Limited. Previously, it had acquired some 14 magazines from the breakup of CLB Media, such as Canadian Security and Canadian Electronics.  And, in 2013, Annex bought  PrintAction magazine from Youngblood Publishing. 
Since then Annex has been both adding and divesting individual titles to its portfolio depending on perceived strategic fit.  For instance, in February 2016 it sold two of its metalworking brands --Canadian Metalworking and Canadian Fabricating and Welding -- to U.S. based FMA. And last October it bought Blue Line an independently owned law enforcement magazine .


Tuesday, May 09, 2017

12th | Arbutus, new travel and style magazine to be launched in and for BC

A new, biannual travel and style magazine is hoping to be launched in British Columbia to celebrate the province and its many picturesque attractions. 12th | Arbutus is being helmed by founder and creative director Luke Ehman, who says he was inspired by his late father, James, who shared his passion for exploring unknown territories, thrill-seeking adventure and unpacking history.The magazine's content would cater to both locals and tourists. The magazine is intended to be 144 pages, though its success depends on a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. The fundraising goal is $28,000 by the end of May. 
“We highlight a number of shops and places and people – 33 Acres and sit down with the owner(s), Litchfield the Shop, Strike Mvmnt, a stay in Haida Gwaii and background on Haida culture, an Air bnb in Railtown, A stay on Galiano Island, a stay story in Tofino, a hike in Chiliwack (Mt. Cheam) and various other places.”
The magazine would also feature stories of places around the globe where BC natives travel or intend to travel, such as Oahu, Hawaii.

Monday, May 08, 2017

Magazine winners announced in 2016 Atlantic Journalism Awards

The winners of the Atlantic Journalism Awards have been announced May 6 at a gala reception at the St. John's NL Convention Centre. Here are the magazine-related gold and silver winners:

Atlantic Magazine Article
  • Gold: Bob Wakeham - Saltscapes - Bedford, NS - Over the top b'ys.
  • Silver: Hugh McKervill - Atlantic Salmon Journal - Chamcook, NB - Reflections from the river; Stephen Kimber - Atlantic Business Magazine - St. John's, NL - Film noir.
Atlantic Magazine: Best cover
  • Gold: At Home on the North Shore - Pictou, NS - Winter 2016: Merry & bright Kingshead house lights up with Christmas spirit.
  • Silver: At Home on the North Shore - Pictou, NS - Summer 2016: Knocking on summer's door; Halifax Magazine - Halifax, NS - December 2016: Building boom.
Atlantic Magazine: Best Profile Article
  • Gold: Cary Rideout - Saltscapes - Bedford, NS - Making the chips fly.
  • Silver: Crystal Murray - At Home on the North Shore - Pictou, NS - At home with Troy and Jennie Greencorn ; Wade Kearley - Atlantic Business Magazine - St. John's, NL - CEO of the year.
Enterprise Reporting: Print
  • Silver: Deborah Carr - Saltscapes - Bedford, NS - Can we save our salmon; Jacob Boon - The CoastHalifax, NS - Continuity errors
Feature: Print
  • Gold: Lezlie Lowe - The Coast - Halifax, NS - Before the murder and after: the life of Tyler Richards.
  • Silver: Stephen Kimber - Atlantic Business Magazine - St. John's, NL - Can you spot the security threat?
Commentary: Any Medium
  • Silver: Trevor Adams - Halifax MagazineHalifax, NS - Why honour Edward Cornwallis?

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Friday, May 05, 2017

TNG acquires magazine sales and distribution arm of Ingram Content Services

The consolidation of magazine  sales and distribution in Canada and the United States is continuing, this time with the acquisition of the Ingram Periodicals LLC's magazine business by TNG GP [formerly The News Group], according to a release. TNG, which operates throughout North America, is a division of  The Jim Pattison Group. headquartered in Vancouver. With the purchase, TNG will expand its title availability, particularly international editions. Ingram will retain the other divisions in its Ingram Content Group which deal with book distribution, library services, print-on-demand and digital content publishing.
“Ingram is a well-respected organization servicing the needs of its clients,” said TNG president David Parry. “Their magazine delivery methodology is considerably different than TNG’s current model and this acquisition will position our company to meet the service needs of an ever-changing market place.” 
“Ingram Content Group has invested in people, strategies, technology and services to help content reach its destination,” said Shawn Everson, chief commercial officer at Ingram Content Group. “TNG is well positioned to serve these customers, and we’re looking forward to their continued success in the magazine industry.”
Along with Hudson News, TNG remains  one of the last few major single copy wholesalers available to magazine publishers.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Inovva acquires Halifax-based Oyster Group

The Oyster Group, a Halifax-based circulation management and fulfillment company, has been acquired by Inovva, which specializes in web-based data management tools for magazine subscriptions, newsletter recipients, contest entries and event attendees. Oyster Group and its founder Faith Drinnan have been serving magazines in Canada and the United States since 1979. 

Drinnan intends to retire soon and Jennifer Taylor, her vice-president, client services becomes director of accounts at Inovva. The company's main offices will remain in Halifax. 

"This is very exciting news," says Inovva president Brinda Luckoo in a release. "The Oyster Group has an excellent reputation in the publishing industry and we are very keen to bring their expertise to our clients. They are well known as a dedicated, hard‑working group of professionals who have been helping publishers build their paid subscriptions for some 25 years." 
"We spent quite some time looking for the right buyer," says Drinnan. "Inovva has the personnel, the skills and the vision to ensure ongoing growth for the business we started in 1992. The company shares our values and commitment to both clients and staff. Plus, they have the most extensive range of traditional and digital offerings in Canada."
This was the second such acquisition this year.  In January, the company purchased Publish2Profit, a Calgary-based technology company that offers online sales and accounting solutions specifically tailored to the needs of magazine and periodical publishers.

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Mag world view: Intern to EIC; world's oldest library; IBT rebrands; 100 daze of Trump; Goop launch

Monday, May 01, 2017

Canadian Media Guild members sign first collective agreement with VICE Canada

CMG Bargaining Committee at VICE l.-r.:
Raffi DerGhazarian, Happy Pharwaha, Justin Ling,
Maggie McCaw, Deb Hong and Federico Carvajal
Staff at VICE Canada have ratified their first, three-year collective agreement that provides them with better pay and benefits, pay equity and measures to protect editorial independence. They were represented by the Canadian Media Guild. Immediate salary increases range from 2% to up to 52.5%, with an average of 9%, based on a salary grid negotiated over the past nine months. 
"This first contract sets us on the right path here as workers at VICE," said Maggie McCaw, a member of the CMG negotiating committee. "We organized because we all agreed that the long hours, creative passion, and professional experience we were investing here were not being recognized fairly by management. This agreement ensures that everyone at VICE will be paid fairly for the work they do and will be treated with respect across the board – from interns all the way up to managing editors. It is an agreement that all of VICE staff and management can be proud of."
The Canadian Media Guild represents over 5,000 members across Canada, including employees at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation / Société Radio-Canada, The Canadian Press and Pagemasters North America, Thomson Reuters, the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, TVO, TFO, Corus, VICE, Zoomer, AFP and in private radio, as well as freelancers.

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