Friday, October 19, 2018

Harrowsmith adds fourth print issue for subscribers

Summer 2018
Harrowsmith magazine has announced that it is adding a summer print issue in 2019, which will be available exclusively to subscribers. Currently, the summer issue is produced as a digital magazine only. The other three annual issues (Fall Almanac, Winter and Spring) are available in both print and digital formats, by subscription and on newsstands.
“Several years ago, Harrowsmith marked its return by hitting newsstands with the Fall Almanac,” says Yolanda Thornton, publisher [in a release] The response was so overwhelmingly positive that a second print issue was added, then a third. And now, thanks to the support of our loyal subscribers, we are adding a fourth print issue each year, to complement the four digital issues we currently publish and our strong web presence.” 
Thornton also notes that, as part of the magazine’s continued steady growth, she hopes to expand the reach of the Summer issue to newsstands in 2020. “Having a fourth print issue is a boon to advertisers, because it provides an opportunity to communicate with the Harrowsmith audience more consistently across all four seasons,” says Cheryl Pauchuk, national accounts manager.

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