Tuesday, May 24, 2005

LIFE takes a dive

Now I'm not one to pine for the good old days; a lot of today's magazines are leagues ahead of yesterday's titles. But I except LIFE magazine, which always set a standard for excellence that is really unmatched today. Until its demise a few years ago, it presented lavish, involving photographic spreads in a way that cannot be replicated by TV. But die it did. Only to be ripped from the ground and propped up as a weekend newspaper supplement. Quite a comeuppance for a grand old brand.

The new publisher is reduced to running a web game called "Dunk the Publisher" with a cartoon of himself promoting LIFE as an advertising vehicle. They shoulda left it in its grave; at least we'd have our memories. Now all we've got is this cheesy image and some copy about "owning the weekend".


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