Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Transcon Vice-chair Isabelle Marcoux named to board of Rogers

[This post is updated] Perhaps someone smarter than me can explain the appearance in this morning's paper of an appointment notice whereby Isabelle Marcoux, vice-chair and vice-president of Corporate Development of Transcontinental Inc. has joined the board of Rogers Communications Inc. By this stroke
  • a very senior executive of Canada's largest consumer magazine publisher, Transcontinental Media, is sitting at the table with Canada's second largest consumer magazine publisher, Rogers Publishing;
  • Rogers' principal printer for all its consumer and trade publications is no longer simply a supplier, but is sitting at the boardroom table.
[UPDATE: Following this post, the National Post made some calls and was told that, apparently, Marcoux will recuse herself from any discussions about magazines. (That of course raises additional questions about the other aspects of Rogers's business that Marcoux would be interested in.) Here is the statement that was given to the Post:

According to Rogers spokeswoman Jan Innes, the company is well aware of the situation and will act accordingly if a conflict of interest arises.

"Magazines are a very small part of Rogers' business. Ms. Marcoux will recuse herself from any Board level discussion of magazines," Ms. Innes said in an e-mail.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who said the big can't get bigger?

4:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is the first tangible manifestation that Rogers in in talks with Transcon to, at last, sell off that little rump of a magazine division that it's been milking into chaffed teatedness for the past 15 years? Hmm?

I think it behooves the reclusive sybarite Brian Segal to comment on this altogether bizarre appointment.

5:43 pm  

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