Thursday, September 18, 2008

Toronto duo celebrate a year of publishing Corduroy in New York

Corduroy, a quarterly arts/entertainment/fashion magazine, recently celebrated its first anniversary being published in New York, according to a story in the Toronto Star. The magazine's fourth, October, issue is due on newsstands in and around New York this week.

Peter Ash Lee and Tim Chan, both 26, both from Toronto, live in New York where they run Corduroy, editing it at a table in a coffee shop.

Chan and Lee finance the mag with their savings and loans, and income from other jobs to pay the bills -- Chan as a producer at a NY television news station, Lee a freelance photographer.
"This is New York. Everyone is a hyphenate, a model slash waiter or student slash something else," says Chan.
The magazine is printed and distributed from Toronto. The name? Well, a corduroy jacket never goes out of style.

"Our whole model from the beginning was we wanted it to resemble a book instead of a glossy magazine, something that is timeless, that sits on your bookshelf," Lee says.
[Thanks to a post in the MyHogtown blog for the heads up]


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