Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Should magazines be vending for themselves?

Reading a recent post on the This Magazine blog by David Hayes, about the number and variety of vending machines in Japan, led me to think about vending single copies of magazines.

Given that we're hearing of a dwindling number of cigar and convenience stores and depanneurs and a consolidation of newsstands, I wonder why we don't sell magazines this way?

If the Japanese can sell socks and bras and fresh flowers and toilet paper, surely we can sell magazines. It will be even more convenient with credit card and cell-phone activated purchases. Does anyone know if and when and where such an idea has even been tried?


Anonymous serah-marie said...

In Montreal there is a guy who took over old cigarette machines and transformed them to sell little zines . they are placed in bars around the city and do quite well I'm told. Distroboto.

10:41 am  

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