Monday, April 05, 2010

Magazines Canada grows by 45 new member magazines, including two b2b groups

Forty-five business-to-business and trade publications are joining Magazines Canada. Moving over from the Canadian Business Press (CBP) are 14 titles published by CLB Media Inc., 26 titles published by Annex Printing and Publishing Inc. Five independent titles have also been approved for membership. 
This move of two well-known multi-title companies is an extension of Magazines Canada's recent strategy of creating a "big tent", welcoming both consumer and business magazines as members. As a result, the Canadian Business Press has shrunk to about 100 titles, including only one,  large, multi-title b2b group: the Business Information Group, owned by Glacier.
Annex specializes in small-scale, niche publications. CLB Media is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Cartwright Group and emphasizes law and security, professional management, industry directories and some manufacturing titles; its largest publications are Canadian Lawyer and Law Times.
Annex titles moving over from CBP to Magazines Canada
    CLB Media titles
    Other independent titles joining in the latest round of membership approvals: The Driver, Garden Making, Poetry is Dead, Rotman magazine, Worn Fashion Journal

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