Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Forbes heads in a new online
direction; some say it's down

This may be a cautionary tale for established print magazines that try to update themselves and their web presence by going cheap and down-market.
The resignation of Paul Maidment as co-editor (chief editor) of Forbes.com and his immediate replacement by a "chief product officer" Lewis Dvorkin heralds the move from doing journalism to "curating talent"; in other words, opening the site to contributors. For more, read the column on TechCrunch by Paul Carr, who is essentially saying that this will be the death of Forbes. He says that quality, originality and exclusivity will be replaced by 
"publications treating content as low-paid, illiterate swill, commissioned by the ton to provide SEO ad inventory."
Another view of Maidment's (voluntary) resignation can be found on Business Insider



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