Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Condé Nast brings Gourmet magazine partway back with newsstand-only print specials

When Gourmet magazine was closed down last fall by its parent company Condé Nast, that seemed the end for the venerable print title. Yes, in June, the company announced it would be launching Gourmet Live, a digital product. 
But now it has been announced, according to a story on Folio:, that the brand will be brought back -- in print -- with a series of three, newsstand-only titles, the first of which will be called Gourmet Quick Kitchen
At more than 120 pages, Gourmet Quick Kitchen will feature classic recipes from the magazine as well as new content like photographs, kitchen tips and eight full menus with wine pairings.
A spokesperson declined to say what Gourmet Quick Kitchen’s exact distribution will be but says the model is “based on efficiency and a smaller print run.” The issue will carry a $10.99 cover price.
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Anonymous Kim Pittaway said...

Is it just me, or is that one ugly cover? I understand the need for typographic tension -- I believe an art director at Chatelaine may have taught me about it ;)-- but that "gourmet" script sitting on top of that leaden "quick" is just, well, depressing to me. I'm trying not to filter it through my sadness about the loss of the real Gourmet, but it looks like a cement wall with a "Gourmet" billboard stuck thoughtlessly on top of it. And the blockiness of the cover lines, boxed into their tight little corrals...well, it just all makes me sad...

1:21 pm  

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