Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New fused PMB/comScore database shows we're no.1, says Reader's Digest

[This post has been updated] Reader's Digest says that the new, fused data from the Print Measurement Bureau and comScore demonstrates that the combination of its print magazine and website delivers the largest audience of any other PMB-measured competitor.
[Update: the net unduplicated audience of Reader’s Digest magazine and is 6,115,000 for Adults 18+ (the magazine alone reaches 5,883,000.) The fused database also shows that 73% of the audience is exclusive of or is not counted among the PMB-defined readership for Reader’s Digest.
The print-web combination for Sélection and sé, the French version where the combined net reach was 1,057,000 and 9 out of 10 readers were not readers of the print magazine.
(No test can be made of RD's claims because PMB has not released topline data for other magazines in the new, fused database, as it normally would with its own print data.)



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