Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Mags BC looking for a new executive director as Rhona MacInnes resigns

Rhona MacInnes
[This post has been updated] "It was just time," said Rhona MacInnes, the executive director of the Magazine Association of BC, who has tendered her resignation. She was quick to say it was no indication of crisis in the organization and that there will be an orderly transition. She says that the rigours of a long commute played a part in her decision, though she hopes to remain involved and to assist MagsBC on specific projects. [The posting for the job.]
Founded in 1993, the Magazine Association of BC (MABC) is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver that represents more than 80 magazine publishers across B.C. 
MacInnes has been the E.D. for three years. The MABC hiring committee says it will accept applications until June 29.



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